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White Sand and Stone

Wellness Services

White Sand and Stone


Amit G.

The work we did included implementing boundaries and healthy habits for myself, managing my time to build my dream life, identifying short-term and long-term goals, and working through blockages and trauma. This work is not easy and can feel uncomfortable, but through this discomfort comes significant growth. This program is designed with a purpose and an intention

Audrey C.

Before the program, I was feeling really stuck and unhappy in many different areas of my life, but with Marissa’s guidance and help, I was able to recognize and move past beliefs and obstacles that were holding me back as well as come up with a game plan to move forward and improve the areas of my life that I was unhappy with.

Sharon D.

Marissa's program is holistic in that it covers mind, body and soul. I am more mindful of the food I eat, the content I consume, the people I spent time with and the way in which I spent my time. She cares a lot about her clients, and is very professional. If you feel stressed, unhappy or even just lost in life, she’s the perfect person for you to talk to!

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